Patagonia-born Ale Torriggino grew up between two worlds: one his family’s deep ties to Argentinian ‘folklore’ music; the other the years he spent soaking up Americana music in the small town of Fiske Menuco.

His old-time guitar skills, subtle arrangements, and nature-inspired songwriting have landed him opportunities in North America and Europe, garnering positive reviews from music blogs such as The Rock&Roll Report, SweptMedia, All About Jazz, Divide and Conquer and Muzikalia.

Ale started his career early, crafting his skills in both drums and guitar when he was in high school. He began writing short stories and poems at this age, which later turned to his first songs. The Patagonian landscape became the backbone of his songwriting style. Since then, he’s gone on to release two albums, “Sureste” (2016) and “Blue Light” (2017).

His music weaves between hard-hitting songs that touch on global concerns like the war in Middle East (“Waiting for the war to come,” “The Healer”) and more personal narratives speaking to life and love from a distant place (“Roca, “Largo y Triste Adiós”). “Sureste” gained high praises from music webzines worldwide and sent Ale on an 3-month touring journey from Argentina to the US, including stops at Brazil and Mexico. Ale is currently working on his side project "Flying Carpets", an americana rock duo with Gonzalo Esteybar.



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CD Review: Ale Torriggino "Blue Light" - The Rock and Roll Report

The city of Rosario, Argentina is home to singer-songwriter Ale Torriggino . Within the town of Rosario, Torriggino and other musicians seem to be very influenced by music that would be considered oldies here in the United States. Because of that, the original music created by Ale has a definite retro feel to it.

Blue Light from Ale Torriggino is a strong musical release. The many different musical elements used by Torriggino to create his music ultimately combine to form an album that feels retro in some places and rather modern in others. The ten tracks of music make for an album that will appeal to a lot of music lovers at the same time.

Alejandro Torriggino: Blue Light

Alejandro Torriggino: Blue Light jazz review by Sacha O'Grady, published on October 14, 2017. Find thousands reviews at All About Jazz!

Blue Light is an intelligent, thoughtful record, by an artist clearly dedicated to his craft. What this LP proves is that Alejandro isn’t going away anytime soon, and whose talent will be with us for a long time to come.

Ale Torriggino - Blue Light

If you're a fan of John Mayer...or even Oasis (yes I realize how very distant these two musical dynamos are), then you should definitely check out Ale Torriggino's latest album ' Blue Light'. Released in late June, I have to admit it took some time for me to get to.

Torriggino has this very interesting way about his compositions that immediately makes you think of a song you know…and then immediately make you think that you’re wrong.

Ale Torriggino - Blue Light

Divide and Conquer is dedicated to informing the public about the different types of independent music that is available for your listening pleasure as well as giving the artist a professional...

Blue Light is cohesive album that explores like minded genre. Recommended.



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