Music and films are my biggest passions. I was lucky to discover them both at an early age, and since then I've been all about that. I believe in telling stories and creating something people can connect to. That's my biggest goal.


Ale Torriggino is an independent musician and filmmaker from Patagonia, currently residing in Rosario, Argentina. 
Known for his "passionate vocals and smart lyrics", Torriggino’s sound is infused with a wide spectrum of American music, such as the Blues, folk, rock&roll, and soul. His influences go from classical rockers like Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and Mark Knopfler to modern songwriters like John Mayer, Gary Clark Jr. and Ryan Adams.

Ale is set to release his follow-up album in mid 2017, via indie label River Flow Records. The record is entitled "BLUE LIGHT" and it will be released both in digital and CD. This new effort features a predominant bluesy guitar and rocking vocals from Torriggino, widening his range but staying true to his long time influences.  A promotional tour will be accompanied and it will take Ale and the band through his home country and the US. 

Ale self-released his debut album entitled "SURESTE" in 2016, also via River Flow Records. The album was produced and mixed by Rosario-based producer Gonzalo Esteybar (Once Guitars). "SURESTE" ("Southeast") gained positives reviews from music blogs worldwide, like AllAboutJazz.com, who called it "an album fraught with heartache and reflection".

As Ale laid down his soul on BLUE LIGHT’s opening track, "THE HEALER", he eloquently states the subtle theme that “music” is our power, hope and ultimate salvation.

For fans of Ryan Adams, Ray LaMontagne, and ‘70s acoustic folk-rock in general, Ale Torriggino is unlikely to disappoint. [...] How reassuring it is to know that there are still those amongst the digital dead, whose ambition is merely to create something far more real and tangible.